Events (Feb 2015 - April 2016)

As a part of the IISc-SIAM chapter activities we organize talks from both experts and student members at regular intervals.
IISc-SIAM chapter has organized following events till now. 

1) Inaugural event 

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2) Talk by Prof. Maini (Special Talk):

This talk was organized in collaboration with National Network for Mathematical and Computational Biology (NNMCB) on 17th April, 2015. 

Professor Philip K Maini is associated with Wolfson Centre for Mathematical Biology, University of Oxford. Prof. Maini is also a SIAM fellow.

Abstract of talk :
In this talk he reviewed some work he had done on aspects of solid
tumour growth. This will consist of three cases studies modelling:

i. Acid-mediated cell invasion,
ii.Movement through heterogeneous media, with application to glioblastoma,
iii.Colorectal crypt dynamics. The models range from coupled systems of
nonlinear partial differential equations to discrete cell-based models.

In each case, results will be compared with experiment and the mathematical
challenges raised highlighted.

 3) Talk by Neeraj Sharma (PhD Student, ECE Dept., IISc):

This talk was given by our student member Neeraj Sharma. 

Presentation file:



4) Talk by Prof. Raghurama Rao (Aerospace Engineering, IISc)

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5)  Talk by  Mr. Bidhan Chandra Sardar (Int. PhD student, Dept. of Mathematics, IISc)

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6)  Talk by  Prof. A K Nandakumaran (Dept. of Mathematics, IISc)

Talk video:


A question was asked to identify graphics in the poster.  It was correctly identified by Mr. George (SERC).

Graphics in the poster;

(top left to right)

Graphics 1: This is a Queen Dido, Queen of Cartage, who is cutting oxhide into small strips and joining them together to form a rope that will enclose maximum land between the ends of shore. This is a first recorded historical instance  where with her sheer brilliance, Queen Dido said to have solved  isoperimetric problem of enclosing maximum area (semi-circle).  Please give a google search on it to know more. Graphics is taken from an article "The problem of queen dido", by Ashbaugh & Benguria.

Graphics 2 : This is the title page of Euler's work which is in Latin and translates as "a method for finding curved lines enjoying properties of maximum or minimum, or solution of isoperimetric problems in the broadest accepted sense", published in 1744. This is the first comprehensive work on calculus of variation.

Graphics 3: This is  an example of Helicopter's optimized trajectory in a complex environment of outdoor canyon.  source: Kobilarov et al.,  2007 paper. This is just an example to show that where this field stands today.


Graphics 4: This is a collected solution of Brachistochrone problem published by Johann Bernoulli in May 1697  volume of  the journal  "Acta Eruditorum".

7) A talk by Prof. P R Kumar in ECE Golden Jubilee Hall (in Collaboration with IEEE Chapter)

Talk videos : Video link available on request

 8) Flag-ship event of chapter: Srinivasa Ramanujan's birth anniversary

Event in media: The Economic Times article

 Image sources: image 1, image 2: random internet search

9)  Student Talk:   Mr. Ashutosh Simha (PhD student, CDS/SERC, IISc)

Image sources: Image1, Image2

10)  Student Talk:   Mr. Jaydeep Joshi (PhD student, CES, IISc)

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